The sound studio for radio productions, audio-books,

telephone interviews and live conference connections using ISDN

The Grindelstudio offers:

    • 2 speaker places in a professionally sound-isolated speaker's cabin with high-quality equipment

    • Production of radio specials from BmE to features, Original- Sound editing, audio-books

    • Demo CD for actors, announcers and musicians with small instruments such as:- guitar, flute, accordion etc.

    • Live conference/ telephone interviews with participants world-wide using ISDN-Codec, these can be recorded and transferred.

    • Production of copies ( studio tapes or cassettes to CD etc.) under the compliance of Copyright Laws

    • CD recording of your childrens´ favourite songs, even with a friend

    • Transfer of completed productions to the public broadcasting radio stations (WDR;DLR;DLF;SWR;BR) using Filetransfer/Upload

    • Arranging a speaker for your own feature

    • Construction of special adapters, small reparation
    • Copying of your shellac records
    • Video recording of your party/event including editing, transfer onto DVD with Menus and possible background music (for private use).

    • When the booth is not in use, it can be rented as a practise room for hobby musicians who can’t disturb the neighbours at home. Ideal for tuba, trumpet, electric guitar, violin and many other portable instruments

    • Amplification of small indoor venues, such as club/ society meetings or school events. If requested these can be recorded and copied as a CD